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  • 260-330℃ masking tape

    Temperature is 260-330℃,and colors is light biege。 The spacing of the fiber on the surface is meticulous and it feel thicker。

    260-330℃ masking tape
  • 130-140℃ masking tape

    Temperature is < 160℃,and color is yellow.The surface of the fiber is small​ and it feel solid.

    130-140℃ masking tape
  • 90℃-110℃ masking tape

    Temperature is < 110℃,and colors are different. The spacing of the fiber​ on the surface is bigger​ and it feel rough.

    90℃-110℃ masking tape
  • Normal masking tape

    Temperature is < 60℃,and color are white and Yellow. The spacing of the fiber​ on the surface is larger​ and it feel rough and thin.

    Normal masking tape
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