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ChongFung (Group) International Ltd. is registered in HongKong in accordance with the law and the establishment of joint-stock Company . The company is now in production and sales of environmentally friendly packaging materials mainly of large manufacturers. Companies affiliated Shenzhen Chong Fung environmentally friendly packaging materials Co., Ltd. , Shenzhen, Feng adhesive tape products factory, Shenzhen, Feng packaging materials plant in Shenzhen Chong Fung special packaging materials research centers and other enterprises.

Companies adhere to the "market- oriented, the credibility to win " business philosophy , from the initial single business selling a variety of packaging materials, is now set to develop new materials, new product development , production and sales of train services . After 10 years of development and the majority of customers have long honed the trust and support of the Pearl River Delta has now become one of the most powerful and largest professional manufacturers. Our customers around the world, it has more than 30 listed companies , such as: Belle BeLLE (1880.HK), Haier Group ( 600690 ) , China Petroleum ( 601857 ) , Skyworth Group (0751.HK), Great Wall Computer ( 000066 ) , Kingdee International (0268.HK), thirty-nine ( 000999 ) , Guizhou Moutai ( 600,519 ) , Illinois ( 600,887 ) , Neptunus Bioengineering ( 000078 ) Tingyi (00322.HK), Asustek Computer (2357.TW) , and so on .

ChongFung next decade the company will continue to adhere to the " innovation, integrity and development " for the purpose of " Chong Fung (CHONGFUNG)" to fight the most powerful and most reliable well-known brands in the Chinese packaging industry .

Looking to the future , Chong Fung 's development objectives are: international operations through continuous improvement of enterprises, establishment of technical superiority of its own intellectual property rights , and become a respected , the most innovative industry leader.
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